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Western Australian organisations

Alcohol Programs Team, Cancer Council WA

The Alcohol Programs Team works to inform community discussion about alcohol issues with the aim of reducing the impact of alcohol on the WA community, including as a cause of cancer.

Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA (PHAIWA)

PHAIWA aims to raise the public profile and understanding of public health, develop local networks and function as an umbrella organisation capable of influencing public health policy and political agendas. Alcohol, Aboriginal Health and local government are included in their priority areas.


National Drug Research Institute (NDRI)

NDRI, based at Curtin University, is one of the largest centres of alcohol and other drug research expertise in Australia. NDRI’s role is to conduct and disseminate high quality research that contributes to effective policy, strategies and practice to prevent and reduce harmful alcohol and other drug use.

Local Drug Action Groups Inc. (LDAG)

LDAG Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation that work at a grassroots level to undertake a range of activities to prevent and reduce drug related harm in their local communities.

Telethon Kids Institute 

Telethon Kids Institute brings together community, researchers, practitioners, policy makers and funders, who share a mission to improve the health, development and lives of children and young people through excellence in research.


Healthway are a state-based organisation who fund sport, arts, community activities, health promotion projects and research to inspire Western Australians, especially young people, to live healthier lives. Healthway work with local organisations to create healthy activities and events and promote messages about good health. 

WA Local Government Association (WALGA)

WALGA is the peak industry body working for local governments.

Road Safety Commission (RSC)

RSC is dedicated to tackling road trauma, and manage the State Government’s anti-drink driving education campaigns. 

School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA)

SDERA helps children and young people make smarter choices by providing a resilience approach to road safety and alcohol and other drugs education. SDERA support school staff, early childhood educators and community agencies with professional learning, resources and state-wide consultancy.

Leavers WA

Leavers WA is led by WA Police in partnership with key stakeholders with a vision to provide a positive and safe experience for Year 12 Leavers in WA.

Racing, Gaming and Liquor

The Racing, Gaming and Liquor division within the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries promotes and maintains the integrity of lawful racing, gambling and liquor activities in WA.

P: (08) 6551 4888 or 1800 634 541 (country callers)

Family and Domestic Violence Support

  • 24 Hours Police (emergency only): 000
  • Your nearest Police station: 13 14 44
  • Crisis Care Unit: (08) 9223 1111 or 1800 199 008
  • Family Help Line: (08) 9223 1100 or 1800 643 000
  • Parenting Help Line: (08) 9272 1466
  • Men's Domestic Violence Help Line: (08) 9223 1199 or 1800 000 599
  • Kids Help Line: 1800 551 800
  • W:

Sexual Assault Resource Centre

Sexual Assault Resource Centre provides medical, forensic and counselling services to victims of sexual assault.

Crisis Line (24 hours): (08) 6458 1828 or 1800 199 888
Counselling Line (24 hours): (08) 6458 1828

National organisations

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

The NHMRC is the nation’s leading expert body in health and medical research. The NHMRC has developed guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol. 

Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE)

FARE is an independent not-for-profit organisation working to stop the harm caused by alcohol.

NOFASD Australia

NOFASD is dedicated to reducing the harm caused by alcohol-exposed pregnancies and improving lives for those living with FASD.

Alcohol and Drug Foundation

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation supports communities and people to adopt healthy behaviours and implement collaborative strategies to prevent and minimise the harm of alcohol and other drugs.

Advertising Standards Bureau

The Advertising Standards Bureau administers the advertising self-regulation and provides a free public service in complaint resolution.


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