How to develop a fitness for work alcohol policy

West Australian workplaces are well placed to respond to and create supportive and healthy workplace environments and a safe workplace culture aimed at preventing and managing alcohol-related harm.

To achieve this, good practice workplace responses that form part of a "whole of workplace" safety and health approach are required. A fitness for work alcohol policy, tailored to suit the individual needs and resources of each workplace, forms the foundation of an organisation's culture around alcohol and it's responses to alcohol-related harm in the workplace1.

The How to develop an alcohol policy, interactive guide for workplaces, aims to provide workplaces with a 'best practice' framework to inform the design, development, implementation and evaluation of a fitness for work alcohol policy.


Phase 1 - Design Phase 2 - Implementation Phase 3 - Management and Evaluation



1 Pidd, K. and Roche, A.( 2013). Policy Talk. Workplace alcohol and other drug programs: What is good practice? Australian Drug Foundation

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