Strategies for Responding to Alcohol-Related Harm in the Workplace

Responses that incorporate a range of strategies targeted at both the employer and employees and those that are tailored to the unique needs of your workplace are more likely to be more effective.12

Good workplace responses should be consistent with your workplace’s occupational safety and health framework and overall approach to risk management.

The workplace culture, workplace factors, the potential hazards and risks associated with alcohol use will vary from one workplace to another. Therefore, there is no single effective response appropriate for all workplaces.

Implementing a range of responses, tailored to the specific conditions, needs and resources of your workplace are more likely to have an impact and support the development of a safe workplace culture around alcohol.

The interactive diagram below can assist you in understanding the relationship between alcohol use, workplace culture, community and individual factors, workplace factors and the range of responses that can be implemented within your workplace to support the development of a safe workplace culture around alcohol.


Workplace Culture Community and Individual Factors Workplace Factors workplace Responses



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