Support your child during Leavers

Being away from home without parental supervision, and in an unfamiliar situation can result in some school leavers feeling worried about getting in trouble if something does go wrong. It’s important to keep open communication and explain you are there for them at any time while they are away.

Not giving alcohol to your child to take away with them and not giving them money to buy alcohol are some of the best things you can do for their safety and wellbeing at Leavers.


Research of Western Australian students celebrating at a popular Leavers destination has shown that children who were supplied alcohol by their parents for Leavers celebrations were more likely to drink at risky levels. 1


Some parents believe that supplying alcohol to young people will control the amount they drink. However, Western Australian research with Leavers suggests that this is not the case. For example, of the 25% of Leavers who said their parents provided them with alcohol at the celebrations:

  • 89% drank at levels considered risky for adults by the National Health and Medical Research Council.
  • 65% reported they had sources other than their parents providing them with alcohol. Provision of alcohol by parents is likely to be topping up this situation.1

Be available for your child to contact at any time

  • Maintain regular contact with your child while they are away and encourage them to contact you at any time if they are feeling uncomfortable or need help. 2
  • Be prepared to go and get them if they are not coping and want to come home.
  • Arrange to stay somewhere close by with other parents if possible.

Useful contacts


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