Drinking in Moderation

If you do choose to drink alcohol there are some things you can do to reduce the chances of harm occurring. 1

  • Eat before drinking – a proper meal not just snack food
  • Avoid salty foods – you will drink more if you eat salty foods
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration
  • Start with a non-alcoholic drink and make every other drink a non-alcoholic drink
  • Drink slowly, pace yourself, space your drinks and put your glass or can down between sips
  • Drink light beers or shandies, half measures of spirits and mix wine with soda and ice
  • Count your drinks, use a standard glass and don't let people top up your glass
  • Decide your limit and refuse drinks when you have reached your limit – it's your choice
  • Limit shouting rounds
  • Make sure someone who is not drinking is looking after the kids
  • Stay busy doing other things like dancing, singing, yarning and playing pool
  • Drink in a safe place and have a plan to get home safely
  • Do not drive and do not get in the car with someone who has been drinking


1 Strong spirit strong mind website

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